Hide Phone and Gaming in Windows 10 1709 Settings


As Microsoft starts adding/migrating settings to Windows 10, you will eventually need the ability to hide certain settings pages from your end-users. Starting in Windows 10 1703, you have the ability to hide specific pages from the Settings app by using Group Policy or MDM as documented here. The policy leverages the URI of the page and sometimes these URIs are pretty difficult to find. Luckily, you can find a list of the URIs here (at the time of this article, it was not updated with 1709 URIs).

Michael Niehaus has a great article to get you started


As I started testing the new ADMX template for Windows 10 1709, I noticed that Gaming was no longer working and I could not find the URI for Phone.
Here are the URIs to hide both:

  • Phone – mobile-devices
  • Gaming – gaming-gamebar;gaming-gamedvr;gaming-broadcasting;gaming-gamemode;gaming-trueplay;gaming-xboxnetworking

I will update this post as I come across additional settings.

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